This tag displays the logo of the article, which may be replaced by the logo for the article’s section if the article does not have its own specific one.

-  Within a template file, this logo is used in the following manner: [(#LOGO_ARTICLE_RUBRIQUE|alignment|address)]
The alignment can only be one of left, right, center, top or bottom. This alignment attribute will be translated in the HTML code as class=" ... " (remember to define the corresponding class(es) in your stylesheets).
The address is the destination URL of the link for this logo (e.g. #URL_ARTICLE). If no such address is supplied, the image will not be clickable.


displays the logo in the center with a link to the article’s page.

-  The image filters (reframing, reduction, masks, etc.) can also be applied to this logo. Example:


displays the logo for the article or, in its absence, that of the article’s section, where the largest of the 2 dimensions (if one is larger than 200px) is reduced down to 200px and the other scaled proportionately (refer to the image_reduire filter here).

Author Mark Published : Updated : 26/10/12

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