• New in : SPIP 2.0

This tag displays the logo of the article, which may be replaced by the logo for the article’s section if the article does not have its own specific one.

-  Within a template file, this logo is used in the following manner: [(#LOGO_ARTICLE_RUBRIQUE|alignment|address)]
The alignment can only be one of left, right, center, top or bottom. This alignment attribute will be translated in the HTML code as class=" ... " (remember to define the corresponding class(es) in your stylesheets).
The address is the destination URL of the link for this logo (e.g. #URL_ARTICLE). If no such address is supplied, the image will not be clickable.


displays the logo in the center with a link to the article’s page.

-  The image filters (reframing, reduction, masks, etc.) can also be applied to this logo. Example:


displays the logo for the article or, in its absence, that of the article’s section, where the largest of the 2 dimensions (if one is larger than 200px) is reduced down to 200px and the other scaled proportionately (refer to the image_reduire filter here).

Author Mark Published : Updated : 21/03/23

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