• New in : SPIP 1.9

The technical tag #EVAL{} returns the value calculated by evaluating the PHP expression that is passed as an argument:

#EVAL{2*7} //will display  14
#EVAL{phpversion()} // displays the php version of the server

Retrieving the value of a customisation variable

#EVAL{$GLOBALS['liste_des_statuts']} // displays the SPIP global 'status list'

Retrieving the value of a constant

[(#REM) deprecated since SPIP 3.2]

[(#REM) use from now on...]

display the path to the directory ecrire/img_pack/,


-  This tag, which interprets PHP code, should be used with caution.

-  The argument is evaluated when the template is compiled, not when the page is served.

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