The #FORMULAIRE_INSCRIPTION tag displays the form enabling new site editors to sign up. The form will only be displayed on templates that include it if the site administrator has authorised automatic subscriptions through the public site on the relevant page in the administrator’s private zone (configuration), otherwise the tag will just not display anything at all.

Subscription requires sending connection data (login and password) back to the candidate subscriber using an email; this form will only work correctly if the server hosting the site allows for the site scripting language (PHP) to send emails.

[(#FORMULAIRE_INSCRIPTION{6forum})] is just the same as above, but for site visitors signing up in the forums (those reserved for registered users), an option which is also enabled or disabled in the private zone under "Configuration -> Interactivity -> Default operation mode of public forums". The "6forum" parameter corresponds to title of the status of the author intended during subscription.

After the site visitor validates their subscription application form, a message will be displayed indicating: "Your new identifier has just been sent to you by e-mail."

Author Mark Published : Updated : 26/10/12

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