#ACCEPTER_FORUM is used to retrieve the value stored in the accepter_forum field of the spip_articles table.
This tag returns the mode of the forum that is linked to the article:

  • "pos": post moderation,
  • "pri": pre moderation,
  • "abo": on subscription,
  • "non": no forum.

This makes it possible for an article loop to display a code indicating whether the forum has been activated for the article or not:

[(#ACCEPTER_FORUM|=={non}|non) the code if the article forum has been activated]
[(#ACCEPTER_FORUM|=={non}|oui) the code if the article forum has not been activated]

Examples, to be inserted inside an (ARTICLES) loop:

Display the forum form if the forum has been activated:


At the top of the "article" page, display a graphic image with a link to the forum included at the bottom of the page:

[(#ACCEPTER_FORUM|=={non}|non) <a href="#forum"><img
src="#CHEMIN{images/commenter.png}" alt="make a comment" /></a>]

Author Mark Published : Updated : 10/07/23

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