• New in : SPIP 1.9

#URL_PAGE returns a "page" type of URL (see Using personalised URLs), for the page passed as a parameter and which can then be used in an HTML link.

For example, to access the page generated by the toto.html template file located in your "squelettes" folder,


will automatically generate the URL: spip.php?page=toto.

A second parameter can be used to add parameters to the URL. Example:


will generate the URL: spip.php?page=toto&id_article=XXX.

If you want to pass more parameters, you would be better to opt for the following syntax instead:

[(#URL_PAGE{message}|parametre_url{'id_article',#ID_ARTICLE}| parametre_url{'lang',#LANG})]

which will generate spip.php?page=message&id_article=XXX&lang=YY.

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