The AUTEURS Loop (Authors)

The AUTEURS loop, as its name indicates, returns a list of authors.

<BOUCLEn(AUTEURS){criterion... }>

If you do not specify a selection criterion, the loop will return a list of all authors who have published articles; to display the information of authors with no published articles, it is necessary to use the criterion {tout}

Selection Criteria

You can use one of the following criteria to indicate which authors are selected.

-  {tout} all authors are selected, whether they have written an article or not.

-  {id_auteur} returns the author identified by id_auteur. As the identifier of each author is unique, this criterion will only return a single author or none.

-  {id_article} returns all the authors of this article.

-  {lang} returns the authors who selected the language passed in the page URL, for their interface in the private area. If someone has never been connected to the private area before, they will not be returned by this criterion.

-  {lang_select} By default, an AUTEURS loop displays the tags and localised sttrings in the language of the current context (of the surrounding loop or from the URL). If you use this criteria, these details will be localised into the language selected by the author.

-  {statut} allows you to select a particular author status: administrators, editors or visitors.
See also The status of authors within SPIP

Display Criteria

You can use the criteria applicable to all loops.

Tags of this loop

-  Tags retrieved from the database

The following tags represent the items retrieved from the database. You can also use them as sort criterion (for example, {par nom} i.e. by name).

-  #ID_AUTEUR returns the unique identifier of the author.

-  #NOM returns the author’s name.

-  #BIO returns the author’s biography.

-  #EMAIL returns the author’s e-mail address.

-  #NOM_SITE the name of the author’s website.

-  #URL_SITE the address (URL) of the author’s website.

-  #PGP the author’s public key for PGP encryption.

-  #LANG the author’s language (i.e. the language selected by that author in the private zone).

-  Tags calculated by SPIP

The following elements are calculated by SPIP. They cannot be used as sort criteria.

-  #FORMULAIRE_ECRIRE_AUTEUR a form making it possible to write messages to the author. This relies on the host server being able to send mail and makes it possible for the author to receive messages without revealing their e-mail address. And also needs the author to have provided their email address for their author profile in the private zone.

-  #NOTES returns the footnotes (calculated from an analysis of the text).

-  #URL_AUTEUR returns the address of the spip.php?auteurxxx> page.


-  #LOGO_AUTEUR the author’s logo, including an optional hovering logo.

The #LOGO_AUTEUR_NORMAL and #LOGO_AUTEUR_SURVOL tags allow more control in the display of the two logos.

Author Mark, Paul Knight Published : Updated : 05/04/23

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