The {tout} criteria is used to select the data in a data as if there were no other restrictive criteria applied to that selection.
As such, its usage is often attributed as being a reminder to the webmaster of a conscious decision since the same result can usually obtained without adding this new criteria.

  • <BOUCLE_x(RUBRIQUES) {tout}>
    • all sections are selected, i.e the empty sections as well as those that contain public elements.
      This behaviour is restricted to very specific requirements; in fact, by default, SPIP does not display sections without any active content on the public-facing web sute, in order to prevent the site from offering "dead-ends" (navigating to pages that don’t offer any real content).
  • <BOUCLE_x(ARTICLES) {tout}>
    • all published (statut = publie) articles are selected from all sections. Specifically useful for displaying the most recent articles (sourced from ALL of the site) on the home page.
  • <BOUCLE_x(AUTEURS) {tout}>
    • all authors except those in the dustbin (statut != 5poubelle) are selected, whether they have written an article or not, whether they are administrator, restricted administrator, editor, visitor or even just a new subscriber.
  • <BOUCLE_x(DOCUMENTS) {tout}>
    • all documents except those tagged as vignettes (thumbnails) (mode != vignette) are selected from the entire site.
  • <BOUCLE_x(MOTS) {tout}>
    • all keywords are selected from the entire site.
  • <BOUCLE_x(BREVES) {tout}>
    • all published (statut = publie) news articles are selected from the entire site.
  • <BOUCLE_x(FORUMS) {tout}>
    • all published (statut = publie) forums are selected from the entire site without consideration of their level of hierarchy. Using this criteria, you can select all messages regardless of their position in a thread (within the limits of any other criteria, of course). This can be used, for example, to display messages in strictly chronological order, or for simply just counting the messages in a forum.

Note that this criteria has an alias: the {tous} criteria.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 15/07/23

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