{criterion IN value1, value2[, value3,..., valueN]}

{... IN ...} limits the display to results with a criterion belonging to a finite set.

  • New in : SPIP 1.8

{xxxx IN a,b,c,d}restricts the display to results with the criterion xxxx equal to a, b, c or d.

The results are sorted in the order indicated (unless explicitly requested to sort them using another sort criteria). It is also possible to select based on character strings, e.g. {titre IN 'China', 'Japan'}

Pass as argument an array

This is possible and it is also the only way to dynamically pass a list of values with the IN criterion.


#SET{my_sections, '1,2,3'}
<BOUCLE_a(ARTICLES){id_rubrique IN #GET{my_sections}}>

...will not work. Whereas...

#SET{my_sections, #LISTE{1,2,3}}
<BOUCLE_a(ARTICLES){id_rubrique IN #GET{my_sections}}>

… will work.

This can be an array defined by

or an array from a tag #GET or#ENV**{my_post}.

If #ENV{my_post} is an array (coming for example from form entries whose name attribute ends with []), and if the analysis filters have been deactivated by adding a double asterisk to this tag, then each element of the array will be considered as an argument for IN, SPIP applying the security filters to each of them in turn [1].

The standard template provided in plugins-dist/forum/formulaires/inc-forum_previsu.html provides an example of use with a WORD loop having the {id_mot IN #ENV**{ajouter_mot}} criterion:
this loop selects only those keywords which belong to a dynamically specified set. Here, this set will have been constructed by the standard template form "choix_mots", which uses the attribute name=ajouter_mot[].

Negating the IN operator in loop criteria

<BOUCLE_a(ARTICLES) {id_article !IN 11,12,13}>

… will only display items whose id is not in the IN list (see criterion !operator value).

Conditional usage of the IN operator within a loop’s criteria


-  If #ID_ARTICLE exists in the environment:

<BOUCLE_a(ARTICLES) {id_article ?IN 11,12,13}>
will only display articles with an ID that is included in the IN list

<BOUCLE_a(ARTICLES) {id_article ?!IN 11,12,13}>
will only display articles with an ID that is NOT included in the IN list

If on the other hand, #ID_ARTICLE is not present in the environment, these conditional criteria are not operational, and therefore these 2 loops will display all the items whatever their id.

See also

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