• New in : SPIP 3.0

{profondeur=3}: allows you to select the sections on the 3rd level (sector section types are level 0, then the sections underneath are level 1 etc.).

A RUBRIQUES loop with the criterion {profondeur=0} will give the same result as {racine} or {id_parent=0}

An example of this use is, in a multilingual site organized by sectors (each language corresponds to a root section of the site), to create a navigation menu:

<a href="#URL_RUBRIQUE">#TITRE</a>

With the tree structure below:

  • Root section A in French
    • Sub-section A1
    • Sub-section A2
  • Root B in English
    • Sub-section B1
    • Sub-section B2

The Root section A is a sector, so has a depth of 0. Sub-section A1 corresponds to depth 1.

The example loop will therefore return, if we are on an English page:

-  Sub-section B1
-  Sub-section B2

Author jack Published : Updated : 23/07/23

Translations : English, Español, français, Nederlands