Questions and Answers

Getting answers

There are many mutual help areas for SPIP users and they are very active. Every one is advised to refrain from overloading them unnecessarily: other users who are giving freely of their time and experience will be put off by very insistent or off-topic requests.

Before asking any question, consult the documentation, especially the FAQs. A lot of SPIP users contribute to the external contributions site SPIP-CONTRIB: it is a mine of information and solutions for various problems.

Another recommendation: do not multiply help calls unnecessarily by posting the same message in different places (discussion lists, forums, …). It is the best way to gain a bad reputation among the very people who can help you.

  • The «SPIP Forums» site is there to provide you with a multilingual discussion forum. It is the best place for your questions if you are an occasional user and do not want to subscribe to the mailing list. As for many forums, the search engine is there to help you find answers quickly, so try to search there before writing a question that might already have been answered.

  • This list is dedicated to everything related to the use of SPIP in English. This is where you are most likely to get help and to find a solution to your problem.
    If you are the webmaster of a SPIP based site, or if you are an editor in that site and you wish to discuss matters related to the way you use SPIP, come and join the list.
    If you are a novice SPIP user, we strongly advise you to join this list (free of charge of course).