• New in : SPIP 4.0

{fusion_supprimer}: this criterion removes from the sql query the GOUP BY condition that is present there, at this stage of compilation. This can be useful to get rid of a GOUP BY added by default by the SPIP compiler during a join and which gets in the way. It is then possible to add the criterion for a desired merge. (cf #3209)


In the following loop it is necessary to add {fusion_supprimer} to get the merge on dates, because by default the compiler adds automatically a GOUP BY id_article for the join of the table ARTICLES with the table MOTS:

<BOUCLE_facette_annee(ARTICLES){id_mot=27}{fusion_supprimer}{fusion YEAR(date)}>
    [(#DATE|annee)]<br />

This criterion was previously defined by the SPIP-Bonux plugin, and has been integrated into SPIP 4.0.

Author jack Published : Updated : 22/04/23

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