{!criterion operator value}

This is the logical operator for Complementarity, indicating that the complement of the operation should be executed.

This syntax is principally useful for loops that involve multiple joins between tables, e.g. keywords/articles or documents/articles, etc.
It makes it possible to select not only the data that don’t meet the condition but also those that are not concerned by the criterion at all (a table where the join to another table does not exist).

{!titre_mot = 'X'}: returns all the data except those linked to the keyword ’X’; i.e. including those linked to any other keywords.

{!id_rubrique < 12}: returns the data for sections with an #ID_RUBRIQUE ID strictly not less than 12 (therefore being those that are greater than or equal to 12).

{!id_auteur IN 1, 2}: returns all the data where the author ID is neither 1 nor 2.

The following example is more complex, as it specifies to not take into account any authors with a login name that contains the text string: ’user’.
{!login LIKE %user%}

See also criterion !operator value

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