-  #NOM_SITE and #URL_SITE display the name and url of the "hyperlink" associated with the object concerned.

Depending on the loop in which it is used, the #URL_SITE tag can display different data:

  • in a ARTICLES loop : the url of the " hypertext link " associated with the article (if this option has been activated) ;
  • in a SITES loop: the url of the syndicated site;
  • in a OTHER loop: the url of the author’s site;
  • in a loop FORUMS : the url of the site associated with the message;
  • in a SIGNATURES loop : the url corresponding to the " Address of your site ".

The #NOM_SITE tag is dynamic: it displays the contents of this field, or the title of the object pointed to by the URL, or the URL itself.

To display only the contents of the base field, use #NOM_SITE*.

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