#DOSSIER_SQUELETTE specifies the path name of the current squelettes (templates) directory being used.

  • New in : SPIP 1.8

The #DOSSIER_SQUELETTE tag such as the #CHEMIN tag is used to develop easily transportable and exchangeable templates.

The #CHEMIN tag, which searches for a file in all the templates, plugins or SPIP should be preferred most of the time.

#DOSSIER_SQUELETTE tag returns the path of the directory in which the tag is used. Just like #SQUELETTE returns the name of the file.

Note: these tags are therefore quite similar to the constants __DIR__ and __FILE__ in PHP.


This allows you to call the files attached to the template in the template directory: for example with this structure

  • article.html
  • css/my_style.css

We can write in the template article.html :

<link rel="stylesheet" href="#DOSSIER_SQUELETTE/css/my_style.css" type="text/css" />

This will load the css/mon_style.css related to article.html.

Prefer #PATH:
In most cases, however, the #CHEMIN tag will be preferred in this way, which facilitates possible overloading of files:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="#CHEMIN{css/mon_style.css}" type="text/css" />

Author Mark Published : Updated : 11/07/23

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