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August 2010

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The system tag #CONFIG is used to display the value of a setting stored in the spip_meta table.

#CONFIG returns the raw contents of a value contained in the spip_meta table.
Example: Find out if visitors are accepted on the site:
[Visitors: (#CONFIG{accepter_visiteurs})] will display either "oui" (yes) or "non" (no).

It is additionally possible to supply a default value to be used if the contents of the meta field are empty. #CONFIG{meta_name,default_value}
Example: Find out the address of the site
[Site address: (#CONFIG{adresse_site, no URL exists for the site})]

These values are stored and accessed using French mnemonics: to find out what these are, use a tool like PHPADMIN to view the raw data columns in the spip_meta table.

Attention: the tag will return the raw value from the spip_meta table, and any values stored in the form of serialised arrays will be returned just as they are stored.

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