• New in : SPIP 1.8.2

This tag displays the status of the author’s mouseover logo. In other words, moving the mouse cursor over the logo of the author will trigger the display of the mouseover logo.

-  By default, mouseover logos are not activated within SPIP; there is normally only a single logo linked to each object (article, author, section...).
In order to manage the display of mouseover logos, you must first activate the option "Use mouseover logos" within SPIP’s administration interface via the "Configuration > The site’s content" page(ecrire/?exec=configuration).


-  Within a SPIP template file, inside an AUTEURS loop:


displays the logo of the author, and if the mouseover logo exists, then it will be displayed instead when the mouse cursor moves over the normal author logo. The HTML code is automatically generated by SPIP.

-  If you wish to directly display the mouseover logo, then you must specifically request so inside the AUTEURS loop of the template file:


-  If you would like to display the mouseover logo if it exists, but otherwise the normal logo, then the template’s AUTEURS loop should contain something like:



Author Mark Published : Updated : 18/07/23

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