#URL_AUTEUR displays the URL address for the spip.php?auteurxxx page.

  • New in : SPIP 1.0

When used in an AUTEURS loop, #URL_AUTEUR displays the address of the author’s page: spip.php?auteurxxx (where xxx is the author’s identifying number).

Example of an AUTEURS loop, which when nested inside an ARTICLES loop, displays the name of the author of the article with a link to the author’s page:

<a href="#URL_AUTEUR">#NOM</a>

Example of the AUTEURS loop which displays the logo of the author, left-aligned and accompanied by a link to the author’s page:

 [1] :



[1before spip 2.1 you would have written: [(#LOGO_AUTEUR|left|#URL_AUTEUR)]

Author Mark, squirrel Published : Updated : 26/10/12

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