#NOM_SITE_SPIP displays the name of the site.


This is a tag which is usually used out of the loop, as in /squelettes-dist/inclure/header.html, or in a loop. In both cases, it returns the name of the site.

Example in a loop
In /squelettes-dist/article.html, it is called this:

	<title>[(#TITRE|couper{80}|textebrut) - ][(#NOM_SITE_SPIP|textebrut)]</title>
  • #TITRE will return the title of the article;
  • #NOM_SITE_SPIP will return the name of the site.

Define Site Name

The site name [1] is defined in Configuration -> Site name.

See also Modifying the name of "My SPIP site"

See also


[1When installing a new SPIP, the default site name is "My SPIP site".
To change it, you must click on "Configuration" and change the text in the "Site Name" field

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