Modifying the name of "My SPIP site"

On the site’s general configuration page

The first thing to do for your new SPIP site is to specify its identity: its name, public URL address, description, logo, etc.

In order to enter these data, after you have clicked on the "Configuration" menu icon in the private administration zone of your SPIP site, just click on "The site’s contents" tab to fill out the fields shown on that page.

Note that these important data are used by tags and forms included in the templates for your site; these data relate to the content of your pages and the referencing data included in the HTML pages of your site.

The site name

The first field on the form, labelled "Your site’s name", is used to enter and save that text that will become the site name shown in the title of each of your site’s pages. By default, this will contain "[My SPIP site]": don’t forget to change it and put in your own!

Your public site’s URL

This field is automatically populated after the SPIP system has detected the URL address of your public site. Nevertheless, check that the detected address actually corresponds to the one you wish to use (it may be that you use a sub-domain redirection, for instance, that is not detected by SPIP’s automated routine).

Site description

Since SPIP 1.9, this field has been used to introduce your site. Enter a few pertinent short phrases that will enable site visitors to quickly understand what your site is all about.

This description is often used by the template files to populate the meta description HTML tag intended for the Internet’s search engines. If this is the case, then the description ought to have less than 200 characters.

Webmaster’s email address

Since SPIP 1.5 has contained the webmaster’s own email address. By default, SPIP will use the email address of whoever installed the site (the first administrator).

Since SPIP 1.9 it has been possible to associate a site logo as a visual document.
To select the site logo, just use the configuration page and click on the link in the left-hand column labelled "THIS SITE’S LOGO": a frame will expand that will allow you to locate and upload the image that will serve as the logo.

If you use SPIP’s default templates, this logo will be displayed in the banner. This logo is also visible in other locations, specifically in the "back end" RSS feed page that internet visitor’s can subscribe to. With that in mind, try to pick an appropriately sized image for the job.

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