The #EMAIL_WEBMASTER tag displays the webmaster’s email address

  • New in : SPIP 1.5

Filling In

This address is filled in when SPIP is installed with the email address of the first administrator.

The Configuration → Site Identity form allows you to modify this email. See Modifying the name of "My SPIP site"


In your templates,

PHP equivalent
Example : send an email to this address:

$email_webmaster = lire_config('email_webmaster');
$envoyer_mail = charger_fonction('envoyer_mail', 'inc');
$envoyer_mail($email_webmaster, 'mon sujet', "Mon texte");


By default, this address is not used by SPIP (and its dist plug-ins).

However, it is used for notifications by many plug-ins that can be found on SPIP Contrib.

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