-  #PARAMETRES_FORUM generates and displays the list of variables in use by the form that makes it possible to respond to the current article. For example:

[<a href="spip.php?page=forum&(#PARAMETRES_FORUM)">Respond to this article</a>]

Since SPIP 1.8.2, it has been possible to pass the tag a parameter specifying the return address after the forum message has been posted. For example: <a href="spip.php?page=forum&(#PARAMETRES_FORUM{#SELF})">Respond to this article</a> will return the site visitor back to the current page once the visitor’s message has been validated.

Background: In versions prior to SPIP 1.9, it was necessary to code forum.php3? and not spip.php?page=forum

Author Mark Published : Updated : 26/10/12

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