#FILTRE{f} applies the filter named f to the entire template file once it has already been calculated.
  • New in : SPIP 2.0

This tag accepts a filter or a combination of filters as its argument.


Located at the end of a template file, it applies its parameter (or multiple parameters) as a filter to the entire generated template file once it has been processed by SPIP’s regular HTML-generating engine.

Exception : this filtering applies to the #INCLURE in the template files that use this tag, but does not apply to the <INCLURE> contained within the template file.

Example :


In the notification plugin, an inscription.html(see source code ) template file generates the contents of an email. To make this content suitable for an email, the results of the template file are processed by a series of filters aiming to remove HTML tags, redundant spaces and HTML entities.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 19/07/23

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