• New in : SPIP 1.4

This tag displays the article’s logo, and may also respond to the mouse cursor being positioned over the logo image (hovering or mouseover).
Two tags are available for retrieving either one of these two variants of the logos:

#LOGO_ARTICLE_NORMAL displays the logo without mouseover;
#LOGO_ARTICLE_SURVOL displays the mouseover logo.

-  Within a template, the article’s logo is included as show below:
The alignment can only be left, right, center, top or bottom. This alignment will be translated into HTML code as class=" ... " (remember to define the corresponding class in your stylesheets).
The address is the URL of the link destination for that logo (e.g. #URL_ARTICLE). If you do not specify the address, the logo image will not be clickable.


displays the logo on the right with a link to the article’s full page.

-   #LOGO_ARTICLE_RUBRIQUE displays the article’s logo, which will be replaced by the section’s logo if the article does not have its own one.

-  If you want to directly retrieve the file name of the logo (since the preceding tags generate the full HTML code in order to include the image on the page), for example when displaying an image as a background to a table, then we can use the |fichier filter as follows:


-  The image filters (recadrage, réduction, masque...) may also be applied to the article’s logo.


displays the article’s logo, for which the greater of width and height (if such is larger than 200px) is reduced to 200px and the other scaled proportionally (refer to the Automatic image processing image_reduire filter).

-  Since SPIP 1.8.2, it has been possible to associate an alt attribute to the article’s logo by using the inserer_attribut filter:


which uses the article’s title as the alt attribute for the logo.

-  Since SPIP 2.1, there is a new syntax for the arguments.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 22/07/23

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