When used in a loop (DOCUMENTS) the #LOGO_DOCUMENT tag displays a preview of the document

Overview of document

The tag returns the best possible preview of the document.

  • If the document has a custom thumbnail, the tag displays that thumbnail
  • If the document is an image, the tag returns a thumbnail of the reduced image
  • If applicable, the tag returns a standardised icon according to file type

For example :

for HTML page type documents
for PDF files
for ZIP files

Enforce display type

It is possible to force the display type of #LOGO_DOCUMENT by passing it a specific argument:

  • #LOGO_DOCUMENT{auto} displays either the thumbnail, either the document, either the icon ;
  • #LOGO_DOCUMENT{icone} displays the icon of the document type;
  • #LOGO_DOCUMENT{apercu} displays the reduced version of the document or the icon if not jpg, png, gif ;
  • #LOGO_DOCUMENT{vignette} displays the full size thumbnail.

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