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August 2010 — updated on : July 2010

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Since SPIP 1.9, the #CHEMIN{file.ext} tag returns the complete file path to file.ext, which may be located in the squelettes/ directory, in the folder of a plugin, at the site root, in squelettes-dist/ etc.

#CHEMIN checks completely throughout the "spip_path" in a specific order (see below) until it finds the file it is looking for:

  • first of all:
    • ./squelettes/
  • then, in alphabetical order of the name of their directories and independently of where they are listed in auto/ or not, the plugins requiring other plugins:
    • ./plugins/auto/plugin_A_requiring_plugin_X/
    • ./plugins/plugin_B_requiring_plugin_Y/
    • ./plugins/plugin_C_requiring_plugin_X/
  • then, in no particular order, the other plugins:
    • ./plugins/plugin_Y/
    • ./plugins/plugin_G
    • ./plugins/plugin_X/
    • ./plugins/plugin_E
  • then the root of the site:
    • ./
  • and finally, and in this order, these 3 directories:
    • ./squelettes-dist/
    • ./prive/
    • ./ecrire/

<link rel="stylesheet" href="#CHEMIN{the_stylesheet.css}" type="text/css" />
<img src="#CHEMIN{images/my_logo.png}" alt="" />

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