The filter |embarque_fichier allows you to replace a file embedded in a tag with its equivalent in Data URI Scheme encoded in base 64

  • New in : SPIP 2.1

The filter |embarque_fichier applied to a path to a file returns the base 64 encoded "Data URI Scheme" version of that file, which directly contains the data. Of the form: data:[<mediatype>][;base64],<data>.


<img src="[(#CHEMIN{images/tdm.png})]">

will produce the tag
<img src="squelettes/images/tdm.png">


<img src="[(#CHEMIN{images/tdm.png}|embarque_fichier)]">

will produce the tag

<img src="...>

...so the file will not be loaded from the source but displayed directly from the encoded string.

NB: this filter is provided by the plugin-dist compressor through the PHP function

Caution : the result provided by this filter is not supported by all browsers or e-mail clients.

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Author jack Published : Updated : 02/07/23

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