• New in : SPIP 1.8.2

The |liens_absolus (absolute links) filter is applied to a text type tag, e.g. (#TEXTE, #DESCRIPTIF, etc.), and transforms all links contained in that text (<a href=..., <link href:..., <img src=... and <script src=...) into absolute links (with the site’s complete URL address).

<img src="local/cache-vignettes/L500xH333/nice_picture.jpg"..
will be translated into
<img src="http://le_site.fr/local/cache-vignettes/L500xH333/nice_picture.jpg"...

<a href="spip.php?page=article&amp;id_article=25"...
will come out as
<a href="http://le_site.fr/spip.php?page=article&amp;id_article=25"...>

-  This filter is particularly useful in templates for RSS feeds, for example.

See also

the |url_absolue and |abs_url filters.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 21/04/23

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