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June 2010

All the versions of this article:

The |supprimer_tags filter deletes all of the HTML tags (<...>) from the tag that is applied to while still retaining the contents of those same tags.

For example, a #DESCRIPTIF tag which contains: <p><strong>William Shakespeare</strong> naquit à Stratford-sur-Avon, <span class='spip_document_164 spip_documents spip_documents_center' ><img src='IMG/png/maison-2.png' width="68" height="43" alt="" /></span> dans une maison sous les tuiles de laquelle était cachée...</p> will return, once the filter has been applied:

William Shakespeare naquit à Stratford-sur-Avon,  dans une maison sous les tuiles de laquelle était cachée...

Note that the filter also deletes all of the < that it finds; as such, the text 18 + x < 21 ; x = ? would become 18 + x  21 ; x = ?

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