This filter is applied to dates to present them in various formats.

-  |affdate displays the date in text form, e.g. "13 January 2001".

It can be passed a date formatting parameter that corresponds either to a SPIP format ("'saison'", etc.) or to a PHP date command format ("'Y-m-d'").

For example:


... will display the numerical year and month of the date, separated by a hyphen,

The syntax [(#DATE|affdate{'saison'})] is completely identical in operation to : [(#DATE|saison)].

-  There are also variants of affdate which offer some common short-cuts: |affdate_court, |affdate_jourcourt and |affdate_mois_annee.

See also

The #DATE tag

Variants of affdate that provide shortcuts:

Filters returning partial information of a date:

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