The filter|explode allows to cut a string according to a specified separator and to place each element in an array (array in the PHP sense).

For example, from
#SET{my_date, '31/12/1999'},

#SET{mon_array, #GET{my_date}|explode{/}}

will generate the array having for elements "31", "12" and "1999";


will thus return:

0 => 31
1 => 12
2 => 1999

-  if the separator is the comma character, you have to enclose it in single quotes:

#SET{my_array, #GET{my_variable}|explode{','}}

-  To make the filter more convenient to use in templates, ’|explode’ reverses the writing of the PHP function of the same name.

See also the filter |implode

Author jack Published : Updated : 14/07/23

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