The #AIDER{} tag is used to display the help icon HELP within your own templates.

  • New in : SPIP 2.0

This tag accepts an argument as the key of the sub-menu displayed in the left-hand iframe of the online help.
It then creates a link (opening a "popup") to the specific paragraph in the online help file.

#AIDER{ins_upload} will generate a clickable (popup) link to the paragraph about "Installing files with FTP or SCP" in the online help.

To find out all of the "entry points" (the possible arguments) that you can use, please refer to the article about Extending the online help.

Attention: the #AIDER tag absolutely must be passed an argument. #AIDER all alone by itself will cause an error; if you want to just call the online help menu and keep the right-hand iframe empty, you need to write: #AIDER{' '} (providing a space surrounded by two apostrophes as the argument).

See also the article about Extending the online help

Author Mark Published : Updated : 18/07/23

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