Online Help

SPIP incorporates a complete online help system which you can access from the private area of your site.

One of SPIP’s advantages is that it is well documented, principally in French, but increasingly in other languages as well.

Using the question marks

SPIP incorporates a complete online help system which you can access by clicking on one of the many question mark icons

that you will find in the private area.


The main button for opening the online help is located at the top right of the navigation bar in the private area. It is a question mark icon (you cannot miss it).

In particular, we recommend that you read the "Articles/Typographical shortcuts" page, which shows you how to enter your articles into SPIP.

The most interesting part of the online help lies in the numerous small question marks

located all around the private area interface; each one opens the online help at the section which corresponds exactly to the action being used. Don’t hesitate to use it.

In any event, you will notice that the SPIP interface is very simple and, as an author, do not hesitate to experiment; you really cannot do a lot of damage if you are not an administrator.

The online help is similarly available for viewing from this current site using this URL address:

The English version is here.


Author Paul Knight Published : Updated : 15/07/20

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