The global variable $GLOBALS['medias_liste_champs']</code> contains the set of fields tested by SPIP to determine the "seen" status or not of a document in an article, for the [criterionvu->5069]. If, for a given article, the document is included in one of these fields, then it is considered as "seen" in that article. In this case, it is presented in the private area with an "eye" icon and it will be part of the results of a loop with the criterion `vu=oui

By default, only the TEXT and INTRODUCTION fields are tested. It is possible to add others.

Example in your options file (see the article dedicated to it):

// Add the PS to the fields analysed to set the status to "seen".
$GLOBALS['medias_liste_champs'][] = 'ps';

Author jack Published : Updated : 21/04/23

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