This constant defines the maximum level of severity of the information to be recorded in the SPIP log files.

  • New in : SPIP 3.0

By default only error logs are recorded to reduce verbosity. For debugging purposes, it may be necessary during the development phase to add in your file config/mes_options.php (see the article dedicated to it).

// define the maximum level of verbosity of the logs
define('_LOG_FILTRE_GRAVITE', 8);

The different values of this constant are (from least verbose to most verbose):

  • 0 (_LOG_HS)
  • 3 (_LOG_ERREUR)
  • 5 (_LOG_INFO_IMPORTANTE) (default)
  • 6 (_LOG_INFO)
  • 7 (_LOG_DEBUG)

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Note: historical syntax spip_log('message'); without level precision is still supported but deprecated.

Author jack Published : Updated : 23/07/23

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