This constant defines the maximum level of severity of the information to be recorded in the SPIP log files.

By default only error logs are recorded to reduce verbosity. For debugging purposes, it may be necessary during the development phase to add in your file config/mes_options.php (see the article dedicated to it).

// define the maximum level of verbosity of the logs
define('_LOG_FILTRE_GRAVITE', 8);

The different values of this constant are (from least verbose to most verbose):

  • 0 (_LOG_HS)
  • 3 (_LOG_ERREUR)
  • 5 (_LOG_INFO_IMPORTANTE) (default)
  • 6 (_LOG_INFO)
  • 7 (_LOG_DEBUG)

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Note: historical syntax spip_log('message'); without level precision is still supported but deprecated.

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