_ID_WEBMESTRES (deprecated) defines the administrator(s) assigned the role of webmaster (which confers additional rights in the private zone).

  • Deprecated since : SPIP 2.1

_ID_WEBMESTRES is a character strong composed of a sequence of id_auteur values, each separated by a : colon.

It is possible to define this constant in the _ID_WEBMESTRES file (refer to the article dedicated to it The mes_options.php file).


// give webmaster rights to authors 1, 5 and 18
define('_ID_WEBMESTRES', '1:5:18');

Warning: the webmaster rights will only be granted to authors 1, 5 and 18 if and only if those authors are unrestricted administrators.

By default, the user who installed SPIP is the only webmaster.

Note that from SPIP version 2.1 onwards, this constant has been deprecated: we prefer to use the private zone interface which now offers this possibility through the graphical interface.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 22/04/23

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