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June 2010

All the versions of this article:

_DIR_PLUGINS_AUTO defines the location of the folder that will contain the plugins that can be installed using the plugin upload mechanism integrated into SPIP.

_DIR_PLUGINS_AUTO is a character strong corresponding to the file path relative to SPIP’s root directory.

It is possible to define this constant in your config/mes_options.php file (refer to the article dedicated to The mes_options.php file).

Defining this constant with an empty value '' (an empty character string) means that the automatic installation feature will be completely deactivated.


// Deactivate upload installations from SPIP's admin screens
define('_DIR_PLUGINS_AUTO', '');

By default, this constant is set to:

define('_DIR_PLUGINS_AUTO', _DIR_PLUGINS.'auto/');

In other words: the "auto/" sub-directory on the "plugins/" folder.

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