_TRI_ARTICLES_RUBRIQUE is used to define the sort order for displaying the articles listed in the panel labeled "In the same section" on the /?exec=articles&id_article=xxx page, as well as the sort order for displaying articles in the pabel labeled "All the articles published in this section" on the /?exec=rubrique&id_rubrique=xx page in the private area.

  • New in : SPIP 2.0

By default, SPIP orders articles by their publishing date (the SQL field date) from the most recent to the oldest.

It is possible to define this constant in your config/mes_options.php file (refer to the article dedicated to The mes_options.php file).


// sort the articles in the private zone on the modification
// date, showing the most recent modified first down to the 
// least recently modified
define('_TRI_ARTICLES_RUBRIQUE', 'date_modif DESC');

Author Mark Published : Updated : 22/04/23

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