$GLOBALS['controler_dates_rss'] defines if SPIP should check the date of elements arriving in RSS feeds from the syndicated sites.

  • New in : SPIP 1.9.2

When SPIP includes articles issued from an RSS feed into its database, it checks the date of the articles:
-  if the article is more than one year old
-  or if is dated more than two days into the future

If one of these conditions is fulfilled, SPIP then considers that there is an error in the article’s date and will replace it with today’s date instead.

It is possible to deactivate this behaviour by setting the $controler_dates_rss variable to be false in your config/mes_options.php file (refer to the article dedicated to The mes_options.php file).


// do not change the dates on syndicated articles
$GLOBALS['controler_dates_rss'] = false;

Author Mark Published : Updated : 19/07/23

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