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September 2010

All the versions of this article:

From SPIP version 2.1.2 onwards, the IP addresses stored in the "spip_forum" table are encrypted in a non-reversible manner (MD5 algorithm) after a period of 4 months.

It is possible to modify the delay before encryption of the IP addresses (4 months by default) by defining this constant in your config/mes_options.php file (refer to the dedicated article).

For example:

// encrypt the IP addresses after 2 months
define('_CNIL_PERIODE', 3600*24*31*2);

To make SPIP never encrypt the IP addresses, you can define this constant as zero:

// never encrypt the IP addresses
define('_CNIL_PERIODE', 0);


This encryption relies on article 226-20 of the French penal code and the code of best practices as published by CNIL.

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