This constant defines the maximum height in pixels below which SPIP will accept to store a logo [1].

  • New in : SPIP 1.9

It is possible to define this constant in your file
config/mes_options.php (see the article dedicated to it)

For this height limitation to be taken into account, you must also give a value to the constant _LOGO_MAX_WIDTH.

-  Default value: 0

example :

// logos larger than 500 pixels in height will not be registered.
define('_LOGO_MAX_HEIGHT', 500);

When this constant is set to 0 (zero), SPIP does not carry out a check when the image is uploaded.



[1due to the way the upload forms work, the logo file will still be sent to the server. It is only once "uploaded" that SPIP will check the conformity of this file with the constant

Author jack Published : Updated : 23/07/23

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