SPIP 1.0.3, SPIP 1.0.4, SPIP 1.0.5

1.0.3. This version corrects several minor bugs in the typographical engine, and noticeably improves the speed of using the cache.

1.0.4. This version corrects a bug overlooked in the previous version which only affected certain servers. If you had installed version 1.0.3 and ran into an error like "Parse error on line 394", then you need to replace it with this version 1.0.4.

1.0.5. New version of SPIP:

-  The management of syndicated sites has been improved. You can now deactivate the syndication in the configuration page (to make the interface simpler).

-  News items now also offer internal forums which can be used for validating those news items (just like with articles).

-  A new page makes it possible to monitor/manage the public forums vis their threads for each individual article. Access via the page of each article and through the overall forum monitoring page.

-  The "doublons" (duplicate) functionality has been improved in the templates. There are now doublons criteria available for authors, news items, key words, articles, sections and forums.

-  In the public site, responsiveness has been improved for certain large pages displaying a lot of article titles (specifically the site map, section and home pages). In fact, the text of an article is now only retrieved when it will actually be displayed.

-  Sending emails now works for online.fr.

-  The automatic dispatch of forum messages to the authors of articles now works again.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 06/08/22

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