Glossary of Terms (French-English)

Despite its multi-lingual user interface, on-line help and article management features, there are some components of SPIP which depend on its native language, French. The database schema, file names and template language are such components.

Even if you have no experience of French, you can still make use of all the features that SPIP offers. This glossary provides translations of the key terminology.

ecrire to write used as the name of the directory containing the private interface of the authoring system:
article article these are the principal objects in SPIP.
boucle loop This is the main instruction in the SPIP language. See the syntax of the loops.
rubrique section articles are organised in a hierarchy of sections
secteur sector the sections in the first level or the hierarchy are called sectors
breves news items a means of publishing short news items alongside articles
sommaire summary this is the homepage of a SPIP site
mot word used as a SPIP tag in loops to indicate a keyword criterion
mot clé keyword provides a means of linking related articles across the site
groupe group used to group keywords
titre title title of an article or news item
surtitre top title an optional title of an article with more prominence than the title field
sous-titre sub-title optional sub-title field for articles
logo logo each article and section can have a dedicated logo
descriptif description the description of an article or section
chapo standfirst, or introduction introductory paragraph that summarises and leads into the the main article.
texte text a field with the main content of a section, an article or a news item
auteur author SPIP user who can write and possibly publish articles
document document any multimedia document that can be attached to an article, a section or a news item
administrateur administrator SPIP user who can create section, users and otherwise manage the site
recalculer refresh the act of updating the cache files from the database
balise tags Not to be confused with HTML tags, SPIP tags are used to insert database and calculated fields into a template. e.g. #TITRE would insert the article title.
par by used in the SPIP language to define the sort order of the results set.
hasard random used to return random results from the database
recherche search used to return results from the built-in search engine
oui yes used as a parameter in some tags
non no used as a parameter in some tags
Mise à jour upgrade the process of updating a SPIP installation to a newer version
parent parent used by selection criteria in the sections’ hierarchy
branche branch used by selection criteria in the sections’ hierarchy
#LESAUTEURS Authors tag used to return the authors

The filters are also in French and a complete list is available in SPIP’s Filters

Short glossary of terms for brackets and inverted commas

Square brackets [ ... ]
Parentheses or
Round brackets
( ... )
Braces or
Curly brackets
{ ... }
Double quotation marks
or quotes
" ... "
Single quotes ' ... '
Backticks or Backquotes ...

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