Sending updates to a mailing list

You can provide a mailing list email address to SPIP in the site configuration. SPIP will then automatically send a notification of new editorial activities to every member of that list.

Creating a mailing-list

SPIP itself does not manage mailing lists: it was not designed to do so and, in any case, excellent open-source software manages such a function perfectly; moreover, many sites offer mailing lists that are easy for beginners to use.

SPIP is therefore designed to facilitate the use of an "external" mailing list: you need to create such a mailing list [1] and enter its details in SPIP.

Once the list has been created, you should get:

  • the email address of the mailing list, where to send a message that will be forwarded to all the subscribers,
  • an address (URL) of a Web page providing information about the list and where your visitors will be able to register to the mailing list.

Configuring SPIP

SPIP can be configured to send updates to a mailing list in the private area page “Site Configuration” > “Interactivity” > “Automated mailing”:

-  in the section “Follow-up of editorial activity”, select “Send announcements to the address:”, more configuration options will be displayed,

-  provide the email address of the mailing list. SPIP will then automatically send email notification of events (article submission, publications, etc.) to that mailing list,

-  you can also provide the Web address (URL) of this mailing list. This URL will then be displayed to every redactors in the page “Follow-up the site’s activity” so they can register to the list.

If the mailing list does not provide a Web page, you can still provide the email address to use for subscribing to the mailing list (often in a format similar to:


[1Many web hosts offer to manage such lists at the same time as they host your site, and many services - commercial or otherwise - offer mailing list systems.

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