Using anchor links in SPIP

Anchor links are invisible markers that can be placed in a text. They allow direct access to a specific area in a page, which can be useful to refer users to a paragraph in a very long page.

Here is the SPIP shortcut to place an anchor link


That is:

  • The anchor link must be unique. You can’t have multiple anchor links named "menu" on the same page.
  • The anchor link must not contain space and if possible avoid accents and special characters.

For example on this paragraph "step 1", you can use this code:

{{{Step 1: create the anchor link}}}

Here is the SPIP shortcut to link to an anchor link in a page.


The # character is a reserved character that means anchor link.
It is automatically added to the address when the anchor link is clicked.

Here are some examples

Crate the link towards this anchor link

[Hypertext link title ->#anchor_link_name]
[Reviewing step 1->#step-1]

Which gives: Reviewing step 1

Create link to anchor link to another SPIP item

[Hyperlink title->spip_article_number#anchor_link_name]
[View Mathematical Filters->2465#Mathematical-filters]

Which gives: View Mathematical Filters

Author jack Published : Updated : 21/03/23

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