Trying out SPIP and other CMS systems

We can not stress enough that you should choose the publication tool which best meets your own needs. There are numerous tools available , each suited to different site structures and types and which have widely varying management interfaces. To make the right choice, you will need to try them out!

Test SPIP under real-world conditions

A demonstration site allows you to test out the latest stable version of SPIP under real world conditions, currently only populated with French articles, although changing the language will display some public, and all private, pages with text written in the language of your choice. Look through the public site which is already full of examples, and discover the private zone under different existing operating modes:

SPIP Demo :

-  For more details, start with the page "Using the demo site".
-  Also see: Testing SPIP with just a few clicks

Try several other CMS

Here are a few sites which offer access to demonstration sites for a large number of CMS (Content management system) and other tools: not just tools for managing editorial sites like SPIP, but also for blogs, online commerce, collaborative working tools, forums, education etc.

  • OpenSourceCMS (in English) is the reference site offering you an enormous number of Open Source CMS;
  • CMS-FR.NET (in French) is not as complete, but provides something equivalent for the French-speaking community;
  • CMS Matrix (in English)

Attention: these sites may not always be listing or offering the most recent version of SPIP - always get the latest version from this site.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 26/10/12

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