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Downloading SPIP

May 2005 — updated on : March 2016

All the versions of this article:

SPIP 3.1.6
(12 June 2017)

After downloading this zipped file to your computer, you need to extract all the files and upload them — using FTP — to your site.


Automatic installation.

Retrieve a copy of the spip_loader.php file (link below) and copy it back into the directory where you would like to install SPIP (e.g. at the root of your Web site).


Caution: If you want to use spip_loader to update your SPIP in the latest stable version of branch 2.1, you must edit the file «spip_loader.php», and change the line:  define('_CHEMIN_FICHIER_ZIP', 'spip/stable/spip-3.0.zip'); replacing:  'spip/stable/spip-3.0.zip' by:  'spip/stable/spip-2.1.zip' .

Then, open this file in your browser and wait until the full upload of SPIP itself has completed.

If this does not work, switch to the manual installation using the zip archive provided above.

Upgrading to version 2.x

If you are downloading this latest version to upgrade an existing site that is running a pre-2.0 version, make sure to read this document as the upgrade steps that you make must take account of the major refactoring of the code in the 2.0 release.

The development version

SPIP is developed using SVN. Be warned: the current version under development may be a bug correction or may be completely unusable.


The SPIP development project now has its own web site: http://core.spip.org/. It offers:


You can find older versions of SPIP here. You can find older versions of SPIP here

Templates, filters and other tools...

SPIP Contrib is the reference web site for the SPIP user community. Here you can find almost everything you could think of: tips, templates, common loops, etc. And you are most welcome to share your own SPIP discoveries and development contributions.

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