What’s that "private area" stuff?

A SPIP-driven site is divided into two distinct parts:

The public site

It is made up of all the pages that are accessible to any visitor.
These pages are articles, news items or sections that you have published and are therefore displayed, as well as forum messages related to them. The public site is generated by SPIP based on the "squelette" HTML template files.

The private area

It is the restricted-access space in which administrators and authors can write articles or news items, modify the site structure, monitor and moderate the messages posted on the forums and so on.
Getting to the private area requires registration, i.e. a login and a password. This area is accessible from the http://www.mysite.en/ecrire. (this is the same address as is used when installing SPIP)

Author bealach Published : Updated : 29/06/23

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