Alternative methods to install SPIP

As needs and technologies evolve, initiatives have emerged within the SPIP community to carry out installations and updates of one or more sites.

often, it is an layer above the official methods.

"In-house" Command-line tools

For those who have access via a terminal to their production servers, the tools below simplify the use of the CLI subversion client:

  • Installing and Updating SPIP with SVN is an interactive guide that simplifies the choice of specific svn commands to use depending on the circumstances.
  • Much more than an installation wizard, SPIP-Cli is a management tool for your SPIP sites.

Linux distributions



  • To date, there does not seem to be an RPM package for SPIP, and that’s a shame.


If you know Vagrant_(software), this project will interest you.


Docker_(software) automates the deployment of applications in software containers.

Many people have come up with their own recipes for using this tool:


Softaculous is an auto installer of applications en works on many hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, ... or from the command line.

It offers around 50 applications in its free version but SPIP is included in its Premium version:


Composer is a dependency management tool in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage them (install / update) for you.

  • SPIPRemix is an experimental model designed to demonstrate the integration of composer in the development of SPIP.

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