To present elements selected by a loop (particularly a loop that uses an agenda criteria) as a calendar, SPIP offers three special filters. These filters offer displays similar to the calendar in the private zone with the same navigation system.

  • New in : SPIP 1.8.2

The agenda_connu filter is used to test if its argument is one of the four types of calendars recognised (jour, semaine, mois or periode).

The agenda criteria and its filters are used by the new templates files: agenda_jour.html, agenda_semaine.html, agenda_mois.html et agenda_periode.html, called from the agenda.html template which specifies in its header the stylesheets and JavaScript functions required (but replaceable if so desired). These templates therefore offer us an excellent reference case of how to use the criteria and filters.

See also the |agenda_affiche and |agenda_memo filters.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 26/10/12

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