To present elements selected by a loop (particularly a loop that uses an agenda criteria) as a calendar, SPIP offers three special filters. These filters offer displays similar to the calendar in the private zone with the same navigation system.

  • New in : SPIP 1.8.2

-  The |agenda_affiche filter is applied to a tag returning the number of elements to be displayed (generally a #TOTAL_BOUCLE tag) and accepts three parameters:

  1. a text which will be displayed in the filtered tag returns nothing (0 elements to be displayed);
  2. a type of calendar (jour, semaine, mois or periode);
  3. the CSS class names used in calling the preceding filter which will be used to filter the elements to be displayed. Of the filtered tag is empty, this filter will return its first argument. Otherwise it returns the elements memorised by the agenda_memo filter, formatted as per the type of calendar requested.

Only the elements indexed by agenda_memo with one of the CSS classes indicated in the last argument will be displayed (or all elements if that parameter is omitted). This means we can filter the elements to split them over several calendars on the same page.

The periode type will restrict the display to the period including the oldest and most recent elements that were found, which makes it possible to assign a very large period without requiring an over long display result.


<BOUCLE_memorise(ARTICLES) {agenda date, semaine}{par date}>[

displays the articles published in the current week in a calendar format.

See also the |agenda_memo and |agenda_connu filters.

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